A Marcelli Wedding: The Marcelli Bride & The Marcelli Princess - Susan Mallery

I bought this book without knowing anything about it but it was at the Dollar Tree so I figured I didn't really have anything to lose.  I didn't know the author either but come on it was a DOLLAR!!

The Marcelli Bride:  This book was pretty good.  Both male and female main characters were very likable, and the plot was very interesting.  This book has a satisfying ending so I was a happy girl.  

The Marcelli Princess:  Comparing it to the first story  it wasn't that great.  The main characters had so many problems and they became less likable...especially the male character.  The author kept trying to make him more likable ...it was really forced and he didn't do anything to help so...it didn't go too well.


A Marcelli Wedding was worth the dollar that I spent and I really like the first book so I'm glad I bought it.