Cinderella & the CEO - Maureen Child

Computer game creator Tanner King buys a house in Cabot Valley, right next to a year-round Christmas tree farm.  Liking quiet Tanner is Ivy Holloyway's worse nightmare, constantly complaining about noise to the sheriff, and threatening to sue he can be big trouble for her Christmas Tree Farm.  Tanner's best friend hires him a housekeeper who is pretty and he can't keep his mind or hands off of her.  Only problem is that both his neighbor and his housekeeper is the same person.

It's a quick, short contemporary with a smart, and very likable heroine.  Ivy is dedicated to expanding her family business as well as trying to bring more business into the town.  Even though it is not during the Christmas season it would be a great Christmas read.  I like how Ivy and Tanner are total opposites.  They fall in love in only two weeks which is really quick but I really enjoyed this book regardless. There is a lot of growth for Tanner's character which is good and the ending is really sweet.  There is a few romantic and intimate scenes in this book so not for children but wonderful for adults.