Forever - Judy Blume

At  first I thought this was going to be a very cutesy and cheesy love story but unfortunately I was wrong.  It kind of starts off that way but I wanted more of it.  The main characters Kath and Micheal were sort of flat and there wasn't really a lot on them.  I did like Jamie and Erica though they seemed to be more well rounded.  

Michael kept pressuring Kath for sex....over and over again and yes he was sort of patient and understanding but every time they were together he would try again.

Ralph who the heck names their ...member and why would it be in anyway associated with throwing up.  

The parents were weird to...the whole come back home instead of parking somewhere and they would get all the privacy any sexually active teen needs to get pregnant.  I get it that you need to trust your kids but come on!  Also I didn't understand why the dad didn't want her to be tied down...really?  Then when they went away for the weekend ...the parents didn't even meet the sister and her husband ....they just let them drive them to ski for the weekend...IDK but thats just weird and a little irresponsible.  


I didn't really like this you can probably tell by the rant like style of this review