Maya & Filippo Visit San Francisco - Alinka Rutkowska, Konrad Checinski

I was sent an ebook copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.


I enjoy  Alinka Rutkowska's writing and the illustrations by Konrad Checinski.  I think they make a wonderful team.  I have never been to San Francisco so it was very educational and also creates a must visit list list if I ever get to go there.  Checinski's illustrations are colorful and simplistic, which follows the theme of the story.  I think that both the writing and illustrations complement each other very well.  I love the quiz at the end to ensure that the children retain what they have read.  The additional info on San Francisco at the end is a nice touch for those who want to learn more about the city.  I think  this is a great book for kids because it is fun and educational.