Chopsticks - Jessica Anthony, Rodrigo Corral

I rented this book from my library for a few reasons.  


1.  The super colorful spine

2.  The Title

3.  It is about a piano prodigy

4.  I thought it was funny that there are more words outside of the book than in it.


By looking at the cover I was expecting a kind, light hearted contemporary but it ended up being a little more creepy and mysterious.  


Having studied music in college it was easy to find the symbolism of chopsticks.  The main notes of the piece represents the main characters Frank(f) and Glory (g).  The Celebrated Chop Waltz or Chopsticks as it is known as today was composed by Euphemia Allen,  you can hear the f and g notes starting out close to create the dissonance sound that we all can recognize and mover further and further apart.  


Overall I thought it was an enjoyable read.  Personally I kind of feel like there could have been so much more done with this story.  It is a super fast read and I am glad that I checked it out.