Maya & Filippo Visit a Glacier - Alinka Rutkowska

A review requested by the author.


First of all I would like to thanks the author, Alinka Rutkowska for sending me a pdf of the book for entering a giveaway and Goodreads in exchange for a honest review.  


Maya, Filippo, their cat Othello and their parents live on a cruise ship called the Fun Princess.  The story is about their trip to Juneau, Alaska and their adventure up to the glacier and back.  Every page has very colorful and eye-catching illustrations that made me smile and will keep the attention of the children reading this story.  At the end of the book there is a quiz, a did you know section and some interesting facts about Juneau and Alaska which I think adds a nice touch to the book.  


Overall I really loved this book it was cute, fun and educational.  Excellent book for children!